With billions at stake, here are the weirdest moments in Oracle's massive lawsuit against Google (ORCL, GOOG, GOOGL)

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Oracle is suing Google for up to $9 billion.

The two were back in court this week, with an all-star list of witnesses.

At issue is Google’s use of 37 application programming interfaces in its Android software that came from a programming language called Java that’s owned by Oracle.

The software industry is in a tizzy over this case because if Oracle wins and Google has to pay up, it could set off an explosion of lawsuits in the industry.

The trial has been going on for years, across three phases. The jury is currently deliberating.

No matter what the jury decides, the loser will likely file an appeal. 

In the meantime, many stars of the tech world were called to the stand and a lot of memorable things happened. 

Here’s a look at some of those highlights, as well as an overview of what this case is about.

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Oracle first filed the suit in 2010, claiming copyright infringements and patent infringement. Oracle lost the patent infringement case. But in a twist of events, it won the copyright case.

An appeals court found that Google copied parts of 37 APIs. That’s code that lets software apps talk to each other and share data. Google did not take the whole APIs, but it used the same names and operations, then wrote its own code to implement the functionality.

One weird moment was when Oracle’s lawyers compared what Google did to the Harry Potter books, saying it was as if Google took chapter titles.

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