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Many people fail to retain the services of a credible legal mind when accused of a crime, and they pay for it with their lives. The criminal justice system is a complex web that is confusing to the uninitiated. And without a sound understanding of the law, you will have a hard time navigating the system.

Having adequate legal representation from law firms like Feldman & Lee PS affords you a chance to be heard. A chance to plead your case, give your side of the story, and be heard.

Safeguard Your Rights

Innocent until proven guilty“—you’ve probably heard the phrase thrown about in many legal dramas on TV. It is popular because it is true. Regardless of the crime that you have been accused of committing, you cannot be convicted unheard. After your arrest by the police, a trial is held to determine your guilt.

Until then, you are innocent until the state can prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Hiring a lawyer not only increases your chances of beating the charges but also safeguards your rights. It keeps the police from tricking you into incriminating yourself during your arrest and interrogation.

Increase Your Options

Recognizing that there many extenuating circumstances under which a crime is committed, the legal system offers a bit of a wriggle room. Unfortunately, it takes an insider such as a seasoned attorney to identify or use them.

Sometimes they can get you off with a lighter sentence, a warning, or even small fine. In case you are convicted of a serious crime, they can argue against getting the harshest possible sentence applicable to that crime.

When you are facing a criminal charge, your entire life and wellbeing are on the line. In such a moment, you need a credible legal mind at your corner to argue your case.

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