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On Reddit, user u/Novel_Breadfruit_923 broached the subject with a post arguing that the writers “should’ve let Spencer be mad a little longer.” They wrote that his unstable home life growing up might have given him trust issues, making the breach here particularly hard to swallow. Plus, they criticized the insensitivity of Emily’s line, “You mourned the loss of a friend, I mourned the loss of six. This whole thing gave me an ulcer. Please don’t give me another one,” saying it sounded like she wanted him to feel bad for being justifiably angry. The post ended with: “This could be my favoritism towards Reid speaking but in real life, this would be more of a process then just him instantly forgiving them cause of a few words from Emily and moving on.”

User u/Comprehensive_Ad4689 agreed, saying this was one of the factors that made them like JJ less — r/criminalminds has crowned her the show’s least liked character — because she didn’t allow Spencer to be hurt. They added, “I think it would have been a much better story arc to show Reid actively distrusting JJ, Emily and Hotch for the large portion of Season 7.” 

For user u/cheerful_buttercup, JJ’s line to Spencer, “You know what I think it is? You’re mad that Hotch and I controlled our micro-expressions at the hospital and you weren’t able to detect our deception,” particularly annoyed them. While many fans wish JJ and Reid would have gotten together, these commenters likely fall on the other side of that hot topic.

Still, no matter how much or how little this experience drove a wedge between the team, fans are united in loving Spencer’s care for his friends. It’s the scenes where he’s protective of them that fans delight in watching over and over again.

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