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The BAU heads to San Diego in Criminal Minds‘ “Seek and Destroy” to investigate a series of home invasions in upscale neighborhoods involving casualties. What’s motivating those responsible?

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Watch the promo for “Seek and Destroy”:

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A girl asks a woman if she left her sweater in her house … only for people in masks to burst in. One of the girls in this gang of “young and innocent looking” UnSubs is the daughter of the owners of the house.

Check out a sneak peek of the team going over the case on the jet:

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Childless couples could be part of the victim selection criteria, going by what they know about two couples, and geography and class are the only overlap that Garcia can find. But what’s motivating the gang? Murder? Theft? Both? There’s evidence of drugs and alcohol, which could affect focus, but to pull off a coordinated attack like they are, one of the gang has to be sober. Could the alpha be using drugs to control the others? Is the alpha the shooter?

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Watch JJ and Stephen try to figure out who the alpha is:

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The UnSubs were headed east across Georgia two weeks ago but something triggered them to change directions and head west. Whatever the reason, it likely affected the alpha the most, but the presumed alpha has no ties to the area. There’s nothing in his history to suggest he could lead a gang. Maybe he was manipulated into it and didn’t realize it? If he’s not the alpha, the next likely option was the muscle, but since he’s the latest victim, they have to look at the women in the gang.

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