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The BAU takes charge of a hostage situation at a law firm in D.C. in Criminal Minds season 13 episode 19. It may not be the usual kind of case they work, but it’s going to be one of the most important because Simmons’ wife works at the firm.

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Watch the promo for “Ex Parte”:

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See Simmons find out his wife’s in a hostage situation:

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After a call from the director, Prentiss tells Rossi and Simmons that the BAU is to take charge of a hostage situation in progress downtown. Simmons double-checks the location, and Prentiss confirms. The Hostage Rescue Team is on its way. That’s when Simmons reveals that his wife, Kristy, just started working there a few weeks ago.

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See what they know about the situation:

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At the scene, Commander Nash tells J.J., Tara and Luke they received multiple reports of shots fired and then the elevators went down. When building security responded, they found bricks of C4 wired to all the doors into the ALDC offices. It doesn’t look like it’s enough to bring down the building, but it’s enough to kill everyone up there.

They have no idea how many hostage takers there are because they don’t have eyes on the inside. (They took out their fiber-optic cameras, so they’re bringing in thermal imaging.) J.J. guesses with 26 hostages (by badge count), there are two or three UnSubs.

As for communicating with the outside, while the hostage-takers haven’t made an effort to establish a line, Luke says they are talking with them, by hacking into the building’s operating systems and trying to let them know they think they’re in charge. That’s a job for Garcia.

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