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The BAU can use all the help it can get right now, so what better time for Derek Morgan to return than in the Criminal Minds season 12 finale? Reid’s mother is missing, Reid has to square off with Cat Adams again and sure, Mr. Scratch might not have been the one behind framing Reid, but he is still out there somewhere.

And in “Red Light,” Morgan comes to the team with a lead that might help catch Peter Lewis.

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Watch Shemar Moore, Joe Mantegna and Kirsten Vangsness discuss Morgan’s return and preview the finale:

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It’s clearly a happy reunion, both on- (despite what’s happening currently with Reid and his mother) and off-screen. “I’d been gone over a year, but it was like I was just there last week,” Moore said. “It was just nice to come home.”

As for what brings Morgan back, “he comes with something important that’s going to help the team,” he shared.

And the Morgan we see isn’t necessarily going to be the same Morgan we’re used to seeing working with the team because, as Mantegna pointed out, “He has left the BAU. He has retired from that particular job, so he’s kind of like a civilian now.” That means the team gets to “use him in a whole other way,” he continued. “I think it’s nice that we use the cerebral end of Morgan as opposed to the physical end of Morgan.”

And if the clips from the episode teasing a crash aren’t enough to have you worried, this final tease from Moore should: “It’s a crazy ride through the episode. When this episode ends, I think your mouth’s going to hit the floor.”

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