Top 10 moments from 'Criminal Minds:' 'Inner Beauty' –

Top 10 moments from ‘Criminal Minds:’ ‘Inner Beauty’

April 14 09:45 2016

Criminal Minds returned with an unsub who was abducting women and mutilating their appearances for reasons that had the team coming up with multiple theories before they were able to come to the correct conclusion. It appeared the unsub was destroying the women’s faces out of rage toward a surrogate, but more evidence led Reid and everyone else toward what was truly happening.

Meanwhile, Rossi dealt with meeting his ex-wife Hayden Montgomery again after 29 years. Having hid Joy, his daughter, from him for so long, it was the first time they spoke. While he had come to understand the reasons for why she did what she did, it was hard for him to come to terms with not having a choice in the matter. With a little help from JJ, he was able to come face to face with everything that transpired.

While this episode had great team moments, it did feel almost as though we were preparing to say goodbye to another team member, with Rossi thinking about how work was the reason he never got to know his daughter. What do you think about the development between David and his ex?

Next week, we will see Francis Fisher guest star and after that, the season will draw close with an epic finale.  For now, check out the top ten moments from “Inner Beauty.”



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