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Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds fame tweeted a few times about the death of George Michael who passed quietly at the age of 53 and was found dead on Christmas morning. Michael’s death apparently touched Gibson deeply.

George Michael, a famous 1980s pop star, had his share of inner struggles, including bouts of depression. Michael’s fame weighed heavily on him at times. It’s something few can understand, even those stars who find themselves feeling this way, but sometimes being famous can be painful.

Thomas Gibson, Hotch on Criminal Minds, was apparently a fan, perhaps from the days when George was in Wham, or maybe the Criminal Minds veteran appreciated his solo work. Like many people, Thomas Gibson was shocked and saddened to learn of Michael’s death.

George Michael told The New York Times in 1990 of his struggles with fame. George is quoted in USA Today.

“Stardom can make you miserable. After all, everybody wants to be a star. I certainly did, and I worked hard to get it. But I was miserable, and I don’t want to feel that way again.”

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George Michael’s sorrow over his own celebrity was so heartfelt that Frank Sinatra replied in a letter. Sinatra, however, could not understand either, what Micheal was going through.

Thomas Gibson, though, didn’t want the focus of George Michael’s recent passing to be on speculation over his cause of death, or any other gossip that is arising on the subject. Instead, the former Criminal Minds BAU unit chief first honored George Michael with a simple R.I.P. Tweet.

Later, Thomas Gibson retweeted The New York Daily News article with a caption that seemed to resonate. The article is an account of how George Michael gave away millions to people in need. George gave secretly, and stories of his generosity are only now being revealed. The Criminal Minds star liked this story.

Whenever George Michael heard of a person in need of cash he gave. Richard Osman recounted an instance when Michael gave a random contestant on Deal or No Deal enough money to cover her IVF treatment.

Thomas Gibson, Hotch from Criminal Minds, was apparently impressed by the story of George Michael donating millions to Childline, on the one condition that it be kept secret. George’s contributions helped hundreds of thousands of children.

George Michael also gave all of his royalties from the Wham single “Last Christmas/Everything She Wants” to help Ethiopians during the famine.

Thomas Gibson of Criminal MindsThomas Gibson of Criminal Minds [Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]

Thomas Gibson was on Twitter and Instagram on Christmas day. Thomas went for a walk on the beach with his dog and posted a photo of it. Fame might not be wearing well on Thomas Gibson either of late. Is he bored without Criminal Minds? Thomas’s holiday yesterday seemed very thoughtful and quiet judging from his tweets and the rather somber photography.

A photo posted by @thomasgibsonofficial on Dec 22, 2016 at 2:26pm PST


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George Michael found being a celebrity difficult, but found giving secretly was a way to “Heal The Pain.” George found solace in the joy of giving. Those who enjoyed his music are saddened by his passing. Now another side of Michael has been revealed; how much he helped others through not only organized charity but also random generosity.

Wham! Andrew Ridgeley, George Michael Wham! Andrew Ridgeley, George Michael [Image by Express Newspapers/Getty Images]

Thomas Gibson is going through a lot right now, with nothing much to do after being terminated from Criminal Minds by ABC and CBS. Thomas Gibson recently posted pictures of his dogs on Twitter, and recently posted a photo of his daughter performing in a Christmas production of The Nutcracker Suite.

A photo posted by @thomasgibsonofficial on Dec 18, 2016 at 10:04am PST

yup, that’s my girl center stage in pink! I’m not proud or anything…????#nutcracker

A photo posted by @thomasgibsonofficial on Dec 3, 2016 at 1:02pm PST

A photo posted by @thomasgibsonofficial on Dec 22, 2016 at 2:25pm PST

Thomas Gibson, a solitary figure on the beach walking a small dog on Christmas day. The picture seems sad somehow.

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds remembers George Michael as he walks his dog along a lonely beach on Christmas.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain and Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

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