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Criminal Minds’ “Profiling 202” finally brought an end to David Rossi’s yearly ritual with Tommy Yates. Since the serial killer’s capture, Rossi has spent each of his birthdays in prison, getting the name and location of one of Yates’, or The Womb Raider’s, previous victims. “Profiling 202” was a continuation and the final chapter of episode 22 of season 7, titled “Profiling 101.”

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I expected the episode to focus on Stephen Walker, the newest team member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). I was pleasantly surprised to see that the episode focused on David Rossi instead. Stephen Walker was in the episode, and the basics of his character were established, but no new relationships were developed. In fact, Stephen Walker only had contact with Rossi and Emily Prentiss throughout the episode. 

It felt a little odd at first since the introduction starkly contrasted with how Luke Alvez was introduced. After Agent Alvez agreed to join the team, the episodes that followed were filled with him building relationships with the other team members. He searched for bodies with Rossi, traded banter with Penelope Garcia, saved JJ’s life and bonded over shared experiences with Emily Prentiss. The writers probably chose to go in a different direction with Stephen Walker because he is the third new character added to the series this season.  

While I appreciated the fact that the BAU is continuing to round up the escaped serial killers, and I enjoyed the storyline in “Profiling 202,” I am hoping to get some more of Stephen Walker in the coming episodes. How will he get along with Garcia? Will he be impressed by Spencer’s intellect? I can’t help but wonder if he is going to be a mentor and protector like Aaron Hotchner was. I do hope that his character is different from Hotchner’s, and that he develops interesting relationship dynamics with his new colleagues. 

Are you looking forward to learning more about his new agent? Do you think Criminal Minds has added too many new characters this season? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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