The Weakest Of The Middle Seasons According To Criminal Minds Fans – Looper

On the Criminal Minds” subreddit, u/LordCoke-16 posted a poll asking users what the weakest seasons of the series were, with the choices including Season 7, Season 8, and Season 9. The latter season won the poll overwhelmingly with 121 of its 244 total votes. The race between Seasons 7 and 8 was a little more neck and neck, with the two seasons earning 58 votes and 65 votes, respectively. u/blackzapatos had one of the top-rated comments on the poll’s Reddit thread, writing, “I think season 4 is the best season, but the worst out of these, definitely 9.”

Interestingly enough, more than one user stated that Season 6 was actually the weakest of the show. For instance, u/mccabebabe admitted, “6 actually,” while u/MandaPandaLee voted for 9, but agreed with their fellow Redditor, writing, “I think 3 is probably my favourite, and 6 my least favourite. I chose 9 out of these three though.” 

Indeed, while fans had plenty of love to give for the earlier seasons of “Criminal Minds,” the consensus seemed to be that — among the options presented — Season 9 was by far the weakest of the CBS procedural’s middle seasons.

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