The Top 20 Criminal Minds in Movie History – TVOvermind

As much as we love a good hero in our movies, we have to admit that a hero can only rise to the level of their adversary, so when you think of the best movie heroes throughout the years, you will find that they were opposed by some of the most brilliant and dark minds imaginable. When you start talking about movie history, the list of villains is almost unending, and there are definitely some good ones. We decided to compile a list of the top 20 criminal minds in movie history.

At the time we came up with the idea, we didn’t have a clue of how much of a challenge this would be. First, you have to identify as many memorable bad guys as you possibly can, and then you have to come up with some type of matrix or standard through which you will measure and judge them to determine if they should make the top twenty. What we decided is that we would keep it light.  So, these are the top 20 simply based on cinematic impact, memorable moments, at least one quotable line that never gets old, and just gut instincts.

Here are the top 20 villains of all time in no order because that’s impossible.

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