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In April 2018, a former digital imaging technician for “Criminal Minds,” Tony Matulic, filed a complaint against ABC, which co-produced the series, and Entertainment Partners, the company that processed payroll for the show’s crew, with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleging that he was fired from the show after speaking out about the behavior of Greg St. Johns, the show’s director of photography, who, he says, repeatedly grabbed his rear end (via Variety).

Greg St. Johns would go on to be named over and over again in Variety’s interviews with 19 current or former “Criminal Minds” crew members, conducted following the filing of Matulic’s complaint. In October 2018, Variety released an exclusive report, detailing St. Johns’ repeated groping of male staffers’ bodies; a pattern of verbal abuse toward staffers; and backing from the Human Resources department and other executives who facilitated the firings of crew members who spoke out about the abuse St. Johns inflicted.

Following the Variety report, in July 2019, a former 2nd assistant cameraman, Todd Durboraw, filed a complaint of his own, suing St. Johns, as well as ABC, CBS, Entertainment Partners, and Warner Bros. (although this company is uninvolved in the production of “Criminal Minds”) for sexual harassment, assault, battery, and retaliation, citing offenses remarkably similar to those listed in the Matulic complaint (via The Hollywood Reporter).

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