The LA Riots began 25 years ago this week — here's how the city descended into total chaos

LA Riots

It’s been 25 years since a jury’s decision to acquit the four cops who violently tasered and beat up 25-year-old Rodney King during an arrest in Los Angeles.

The incident sparked a series of protests known as the LA Riots. Tensions between law enforcement and Angelenos bubbled over, and by the end of the five-day riots, at least 55 people had died.

At a time when similar racial tensions are again at the forefront of the national conversation, we take a look back. On Saturday, people in Los Angeles marched and held vigils to commemorate the outburst of violence that erupted throughout the city in 1992.

Here’s what happened during the LA Riots:

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In March 1991, four LAPD officers arrested African American motorist Rodney King for speeding, and proceeded to Taser, tackle, and strike him with police batons over 50 times. King suffered a fractured skull and multiple other injuries.

Source: CNN

George Holliday, a plumber standing on the balcony of his Los Angeles apartment, filmed the officers beating up King on a home camera and sent it to the local press.

Source: CNN

Even though the video showed more than a dozen officers standing by during the attack, only the four directly involved in the beating were arrested.

Source: CNN

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