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While there are some scenes that Criminal Minds fans can’t stop rewatching, this one puts them in tears. Reddit user u/DiscordantScorpion_1 posted in r/criminalminds: “Never had my heart ripped out more than when I watched ‘100.’ Aaron Hotchner went through all that, put his family through that, and still it didn’t matter because his wife was murdered at the hands of the Reaper… Seeing him sobbing and holding his ex-wife’s body made my heart crack so much I was bawling.”

The episode is heartbreaking overall, but it seems each fan has a different moment that breaks them. For user u/chailatte731, it’s when Hotch finds his son Jack hiding, after killing Foyet, and Jack says, “I worked the case, Daddy, just like you said.” User u/chailatte731 commented: “Held it together up until then but when he said that… I mean… I was just a puddle. Jack is so innocent :'( And all was not lost.”

Meanwhile, user u/mrinalini3 was already bawling before that, starting when Haley is on the phone call with Hotch and Jack hugs her. They said, “when jack hugged Haley and said mom you’re hugging me too tight… My heart broke into pieces.” User u/abmcm commented that the end of the phone call is what really gets to them, especially hearing the team’s reactions.

It just goes to show that although Hotchner left the show after 11 seasons, he’s still beloved by the fans.

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