The disturbing Criminal Minds episode upsetting fans – Looper

In “To Hell … and Back,” the BAU team is trying to solve the mystery of who is abducting at-risk people from the streets of Detroit and bringing them across the border to Canada. Their investigation eventually leads them to the Ontario farm of Mason Turner (Garret Dillahunt). Once there, the team learns that Mason has full-body paralysis and has been making his brother Lucas (Paul Rae), who has an intellectual disability, abduct people and harvest their spinal fluid as part of Mason’s attempt to find a cure for his condition.

After a long investigation, the team tracks down Lucas, who is holding the latest victim hostage in a cellar. The BAU agents get the victim to safety and almost immediately afterward, a tactical unit from the local police storm into the cellar and shoot Lucas to death.

The way the show handled the character of Lucas didn’t sit well with Redditor u/weewoowah36. They started a thread on the subject, in which they criticized the BAU team for acting “aggressive and mean to them despite them saying that the unsub … doesn’t fully understand what they’re doing.” They went on to add, “Like instead of pointing guns at them and shouting/ pushing them to the floor etc why don’t they speak to them more softly and sensitively? Seems really cruel and unnecessary.”

Another user, u/queen-but-uncrowned, pointed out that in the case of Lucas “it was the SWAT team that shot him,” and that Agent Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) was yelling at them to stop. This didn’t prove much of an excuse, however. The show’s choice to have the Canadian police force immediately use lethal force against Lucas didn’t sit right with one user, who felt it seriously misrepresented how things are done up there.

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