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Over on Reddit, user u/rs17_mv started a thread entitled, “Have you ever felt sorry for an unsub?” They included a list of their picks, the first being Tobias Hankel (James Van Der Beek), who several other users also nominated. They explained, “He was abused by his father, leading to his drug addiction. This, coupled with his father forcing him to shoot him, caused Tobias to develop a split personality disorder … In real life, he’d probably be found not guilty by insanity and institutionalized.”

The season 2 episodes “The Big Game” and “Revelations” detail Tobias’ devastating childhood of abuse, including the fact that he was forced to euthanize his own father. As an adult, he commits murders while experiencing a mental health emergency that causes him to think he’s an archangel named Raphael charged with doling out Biblical punishments to his victims.

While many of his crimes are horrifying, as u/rs17_mv pointed out, the physical and emotional abuse Tobias suffered at the hands of his father play a huge role in his crimes. During the episode we even see Tobias slipping in and out of his Raphael personality and it becomes clear that he’s a deeply delusional and troubled man.

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