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While fans disagreed on a lot of aspects of season 12, they were fairly unified in their criticisms of the unsub storylines of the season. In the post that kicked off the whole discussion, u/TimeoftheFox wrote, “It felt like they didn’t do any profiling at all, they just were able to put the puzzle pieces together fast enough to catch the un-sub.”

That view was shared by season 12 haters and defenders alike. User u/itsafraid started their comment by declaring, “I was expecting the worst from S12 due to all the negative hype here, but found it perfectly cromulent.” However, even they had to concede, “The unsubs were very disposable though.”

User u/namskyplanead had a very specific criticism of how the series started to handle its investigations in season 12. They noted, “I found the quality of the episodes to go downhill when the writers made the decision to introduce us to the unsubs before the [BAU] found out… ruined the major charm of the series for me.”

For u/ClearBlue_Grace, the issues go far beyond season 12. “The unsubs get f*****g ridiculous as the show goes on,” the argued. “I hate to say it, but I wish the show ended at like season nine… as I watch later seasons, I find myself rolling my eyes at a lot of storylines and unsubs.”

Even though we wish it was over something more positive, we’re just glad to see there’s one thing about Criminal Minds season 12 that fans agree on.

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