The Character Criminal Minds Fans Would Want To Be Interrogated By – Looper

Over 1,500 people responded to the Reddit poll, and with an astounding 575 votes, the clear winner is Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Gray Gubler. It’s an intriguing choice, especially as anyone who watches “Criminal Minds” knows how intelligent Reid is. The pilot episode tells us that he has an I.Q. of 187, and he’s become known throughout the show’s run for picking up on details everyone else notices. To have him interrogate you is basically inviting to get caught red-handed. But it would appear that most people have an ulterior motive for wanting to be in the same room as Reid. 

Based on comments throughout the thread, it appears most people will utilize any excuse to sit across from the dreamboat. Redditor u/Plz_dont_judge_me writes, “Yup, I’d let Reid slap some cuffs on me any day.” Meanwhile, M3lsM3lons gets even more graphic by stating, “Reid, with the hope that he’d manhandle me, Cat Adams style.”

It seems quite a few fans have the hots for Spencer Reid. Hopefully, the chance to look into those hazel eyes is worth any criminal charges that may come your way.

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