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Spencer is finally out of prison. I was seriously starting to worry that he would be in there forever. “Green Light” built a little tension when Spencer Reid saw that the inmates he poisoned were released back into general population, and we finally got to see who really framed Spencer. “Green Light” was a pretty decent Criminal Minds episode, but it was definitely building up to the season finale.

I did think “Green Light” made the whole poisoning the drugs storyline a little unnecessary. Spencer poisoned a bunch of inmates, nobody knew it was him, the inmates came back … and they ended up doing nothing to him since he was released. You could argue that the guilt from that seriously weighed on Spencer’s mind and maybe it’ll continue to cause issues for him next season. Maybe it will also play a role in causing him to break down in the season finale. 

In the previous episode, “Unforgettable,” Spencer realized that Lindsey Vaughn had his mother. This resulted in a full-out investigation into her, which led to Spencer’s freedom. We also found out that the real culprit was Cat Adams, a hit woman who Spencer tricked into custody during season 11. I thought the most surprising twist was the fact that Mr. Scratch was not behind the murder and Spencer’s incarceration. The last several episodes led us all to believe that it was him. In hindsight, Mr. Scratch never worked with a partner before, so why would he now? So how did Cat Adams and Lindsey Vaughn team up? Adams has been in prison for over a year and in solitary confinement for six months. How did they communicate? Did Adams take Spencer’s mother because he tricked her into thinking that she would see her father? 

The season finale is coming up, and I cannot wait to see how Lindsey and Cat pulled it off. I am sure Spencer will get his mother back, but who knows how he will be doing psychologically. Adjusting from prison life to freedom must be tough, but going back to the FBI must be even harder. I am glad that they are bringing Shemar Moore back for the season finale — Criminal Minds is not quite the same without Derek Morgan. It looks like Beth Riesgraf will be back to reprise her role of Dr. Maeve Donovan, which is a little puzzling considering she is dead. So maybe Reid will be having some psychological struggles.

What did you think of “Green Light?” Are you excited for the season finale? Do you think the BAU will find Mr. Scratch and Spencer’s mother? We want to see your comments! 

The season finale of Criminal Minds will air Wednesday, May 10 at 9/8c on CBS. Follow our Criminal Minds Facebook page to keep up with the latest show developments. 

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