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So What the Hell Happened on Criminal Minds Last Night?

by Rob Slater on March 23, 2017

You’ve only ever watched the CBS show Criminal Minds if you’re home sick from school or work, scrolling the depths to find something to watch that isn’t a horrible daytime talk show. But while every channel under the sun airs reruns during the day, Criminal Minds still pumps out a new episode on CBS on Wednesday nights and something rather…..fishy….happened last night.

Let’s start with the criminal (or “unsub” as they call it) in the show: Trey Gordon as played by Johnny Wactor. Okay, probably just a coincidence. 

Then there’s the local police officer: Sergeant Suzanne Kuroda. And the Medical Examiner: Harry Greenberg. 

This can’t be. 

It gets downright comical from there. Characters named Janis Weir, Paul McConnell, Mike Hood, Lyn Anastasio, Jon Kreutzmann, Samuel Gordon and Bob Joplin all made appearances for an episode of Criminal Minds taken straight from the Jamband Mount Rushmore. 

Naturally, the internet had a field day with it. Live for Live Music rounded up some videos of the references so you can see just what a jamband crime scene would look like. Dania Bennett wrote the episode and took to Instagram before the episode to tease the references, saying there are “some easter eggs” in there for Phish and Grateful Dead fans. She wasn’t kidding. 

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