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Criminal Minds left us with a cliffhanger in the season 12 finale for the first time since season 3. And it was all about the show’s antagonist, Mr. Scratch, who has been taunting the BAU team for years. At this point, even though Mr. Scratch is clearly good at what he does, as he’s able to slip through the cracks way too many times — especially considering he’s up against a team of the best — it’s time for him to go.

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While I agree with showrunner Erica Messer’s statement to TV Guide that Mr. Scratch is the perfect bad guy for the show, he has been sticking around too long. Enough already! Messer added that if Mr. Scratch is actually caught and goes away, they would have to replace him with another enemy on the same level. I’m all for that. I think the show has been around for long enough, we’re talking about 12 seasons here, to the point it can adapt to a new foe.

I wouldn’t say the show needs Mr. Scratch to keep it interesting. Instead, I think him going away would provide some type of relief. I get it; he’s the one guy the BAU can’t seem to wrap their fingers around (at least not long enough to put him away for all of the bad things he’s done.) But I doubt I’m the only one who wants them to finally nab him for good, without the tricks and gimmicks.

Still, considering the drama that happened in season 12, it’s safe to say he’ll be around for season 13. This isn’t necessarily terrible but hopefully he sees his final days in the first half of the season and not the latter. I just couldn’t imagine seeing him stick around for an entire new season. He made his first appearance in season 10 and has been around ever since. I wouldn’t even be against him going away to jail and then coming back after a release. But somehow, this show needs a good, long break from Mr. Scratch. At least let us miss him a little bit.

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What do you think about Mr. Scratch’s actions in the season 12 finale? Are you ready for the BAU to finally catch him?

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