Police say releasing the names of officers who responded to the biggest mass shooting in US history was a mistake

pulse nightclub shooting

Orlando’s police chief says the department regrets releasing the names of officers who were on scene during the Pulse nightclub shooting, according to a report published in The Orlando Sentinel on Friday.

Orlando police chief John Mina has been presenting to police groups across the world to talk about the department’s response to the mass shooting last June, which turned out to be the deadliest such attack in US history. 

In the 74-page presentation, which the Sentinal obtained, Mina said that immediately releasing the names of the 11 officers called to the scene was a mistake. He said that this led to officers getting “stalked on Facebook” and flooded with questions about what happened inside.

Other points in the report address survivor and family member criticisms that the police did not breach the club with explosives until several hours after Mateen entered the nightclub and call for better coordination with the fire department. 

“Would that have saved any more lives? No. The people who needed care got care,”said Mina. “But the communication would have been better between our two agencies if someone from the fire department would have been in our command post.”

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