New 'Criminal Minds' episode 7,season 12 not airing tonight … – Blasting News

Hey, “#Criminal Minds” peeps. It’s quite unfortunate, but we have to do the dirty work of telling you guys that the new episode 7 of season 12 will be missing in action, tonight. Apparently, CBS wants to air a special 2 hour episode of their hit reality show, “Survivor 33: Millennials vs. Gen X” instead. It’s usually just a 1 hour episode, but for some reason, they’re giving it 2 hours. At first, I thought it might be their season finale, but it’s not. The season finale usually gets 3 hours, so that’s going to come later.

The new show will air next week

Anyways, if you guys are not “Survivor” fans, you might to make other plans. If you are a “Survivor” fan, tonight’s schedule shouldn’t be an issue for you. Having said all of that, there is a bit of good news to share with you guys. This is just a little one week break as the show will be back in action, next week, November 30th at 8pm central time with the new episode, which is labeled: Mirror Image,” so be sure make note of that on your TV calendars.

We got a promo spoiler clip for “Mirror Image”

Additionally, CBS did drop the promo/spoiler clip (below) for the “Mirror Image” episode, last week, for those of you who might not have seen it yet. In the clip, we see some very interesting and really intense stuff as Dr. Tara is spotted, confronting a man that’s claiming to be her brother, but apparently he’s not. It’s also revealed that her real brother has been kidnapped and replaced by this guy that has shown up. We also see some pretty heavy action scenes that features guns getting pulled, and more. It’s also revealed that this impostor is really good as he knows everything about Tara and her family.

A very weird guy shows up in episode 7

We also got an official synopsis from the CBS folks by way of TV Guide. They say that a strange guy is going to show up on the scene that appears to totally believe that he’s Tara’s brother, and will even know just about everything there is to know about Tara and her family. This will, of course, prompt the BAU squad to launch a heavy investigation on him to find out just what the heck is really going on. Meanwhile, Tara isn’t going to be able to contact her real brother, because he’ll ,literally, be all tied up. Stay tuned.

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