“Mind Games” is Now Available For Free!

All is not lost! Our dear friend Darcia Helle has collected and published a scintillating collection of crime fiction–short stories that will keep you thinking long after you have read the last word of each selection. This collection features short stories by 16 authors, several of whom (Darcia Helle, John Nardizzi, Charles Salzberg, and Ellie Eich) are personal friends of Patrick H.

Shockingly, Patrick H. himself has two stories in this anthology. One is called Business Has Never Been Better. For those of you old enough to remember, this dark little piece was inspired by the saga of Jake H. Abbott. Patrick H.’s other story is called Projection. It is the story of the peculiar events that transpire when a beleaguered (grizzled, you say?) PI named Jack Turner is hired by a lovesick young man to “fix” his romance with an exotic dancer named Santana.

And the good news is that for the time being, Darcia’s collection is absolutely free and available on Book Funnel. Here is the link to the collection: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/orlt6sbm6n

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