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Criminal Minds -The latest Criminal Minds season 12 ratings are in, and there is one word that we’d use in terms of how to describe them: Disappointing.

The latest episode entitled “Alpha Male” ended up drawing just a 1.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which is tied for the lowest rating of the series. Meanwhile, in total viewers this does mark a series low with 6.64 million people checking the show out live. Obviously, this number is boosted when some of the live+3 data comes into play, but that’s not something we will have full access to until we roll around to next week.

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There is very little reason to think that the series will be canceled this season. Even with lower ratings, it’s still a hugely successful franchise all over the globe. Meanwhile, CBS all will want to give it some sort of fitting conclusion. Still, you cannot ignore at this point the fact that the show is down more than 20% in the demo 16% in total viewers from last season. While numbers are down for most shows across the board, this drop is somewhat higher than the average.

We didn’t want to have to here since the last thing we want to do is stir up trouble, but the question does need to be asked at this point…

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Is the exit of Thomas Gibson a factor?

The first two episodes of the season, which featured Hotch as a main character, drew on average a 1.7 rating. This was close to the 1.8 rating the show averaged for all of season 10. The argument that you can make that the decline is not all Hotch-related is that season 10 was down more than 16% in the demo from season 9, so there were some big drops occurring even with him on the show.

We do think that Gibson’s exit is a factor, but it’s wrong to say that every viewer who’s left the show live is doing so simply because of that. The same goes for those thinking that Gibson’s exit is no factor at all when it likely is. As we’ve said before, as easy as it may be to say he should come back, we weren’t there when the incident happened that caused him to be fired, and we hardly think that the producers of the show ever wanted to dismiss him. Therefore, it’s a little unfair for us to tell people in production what they should or shouldn’t done. At this point, it’s best to move on.

You can read our review of “Alpha Male,” if you missed it, over here. (Photo: CBS.)

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