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Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds posted a nostalgic photo on Instagram recently. It was a happy photo at the time, with Matthew showing Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, and Mandy Patinkin something in a book. All were smiling, perhaps laughing, but now that photo is bittersweet.

Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, and Mandy Patinkin are no longer on Criminal Minds. Perhaps that is bothering Matthew Gray Gubler, as the only male original cast member on Criminal Minds.

charlotte, miranda, samantha, and carrie

A photo posted by official matthew gray gubler (@gublergram) on Nov 29, 2016 at 5:35pm PST

Is Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Dr. Spencer Reid, missing Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore? Oddly Gubler has labeled the picture using the names of four Sex And The City characters, “Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha, and Carrie.” Is there some deeper meaning here?

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Criminal Minds lost Mandy Patinkin who portrayed Jason Gideon, the BAU leader until the fourth season when he suddenly quit the show. Matthew Gray Gubler still speaks fondly of Patinkin.

Thomas Gibson was fired from Criminal Minds at the beginning of Season 12 after an altercation with co-executive producer Virgil Williams. Shemar Moore exited Criminal Minds at the end of Season 11, which means their departures from the show both impacted season 12, causing the worst ratings drop in the show’s 12-year history.

Criminal Minds is still a leading show on CBS and it is aired all over the world through ABC and the Disney corporation. The show has had solid ratings until Season 12, and will likely be renewed for season 13.

Matthew Gray Gubler expressed his fondness for the Criminal Minds cast last Christmas season, before Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson left Criminal Minds. Glamor asked the young heartthrob which of the cast members he had bonded most with.

“Every one of them. When you work this many hours together for this many years, you see each other more than your own families. Joe Mantegna is like my Los Angeles dad. Mandy Patinkin is so close to my heart. Early on in the show, he felt like my best friend. Shemar [Moore] is like my brother. A.J. [Cook] is like a sister.”

What was Matthew Gray Gubler thinking when he posted this decade-old photo of himself with Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, and Mandy Patinkin? We may never know, but maybe it was something warm, gentle and wistful. Does he now feel like a sole survivor?

Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds[Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

Was Matthew Gray Gubler experiencing some Criminal Minds nostalgia? Is he missing Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, and Shemar Moore as the holidays are approaching?

Matthew Gray Gubler can be hard to read at times. Gubler is often described as quirky and an ultra creative type. He tends to be rather complex. Matthew is very artistic and talented in both comedy and drama, and his sense of humor and his sense of fashion is kind of Dr. Who style zany. Matthew once said that he has always felt like an “outcast,” for some reason.

Matthew Gray Gubler was quoted by Glamour.

“I really felt like an outcast all of my life. I still feel like one, and I remember that feeling well. It’s the thing I can conjure up the easiest… It’s OK to be weird, it’s OK to feel like an outsider, you know? The popular people, it doesn’t really matter what they think… I just want to make those that feel like outcasts feel like they belong somewhere.”

On Criminal Minds in January, Matthew Gray Gubler will be featured in Episode 9 with Jane Lynch who plays Spencer Reid’s mother according to iTech Post. Seeing Gubler and Lynch together can be a real treat for fans. There are some rumors around, though, that Matthew could leave the show, but wouldn’t that further damage Criminal Minds ratings?

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds[Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]

Criminal Minds fans are fearful due to an episode titled Spencer, following Spencer Reid’s departure from an active case to check on his mother, played by Jane Lynch. It seems that is a lot like what happened before Shemar Moore left the show, and there was an episode called “Morgan,” that explained why Shemar’s character Derick Morgan was quitting the BAU. Fans expressed concern on twitter that perhaps Matthew Gray Gubler was leaving Criminal Minds too.

With Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore already gone from Criminal Minds, what would happen if Matthew Gray Gubler left too? Well, Carter Matt doesn’t think it is going to happen.

“If you are a Reid fan, we understand your fears — he’s an amazing character and Matthew Gray Gubler is tremendous… For the time being, our advice is merely to take a deep breath, and know that it doesn’t appear as though him riding off into the sunset is in the cards for at least the immediate future. There may be some other exciting things planned for the character.”

As for the potential for Matthew Gray Gubler’s departure, it seems that Harry Bring himself has been on twitter assuring fans Gubler is not leaving Criminal Minds. Gubler has not commented on the rumors.


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Criminal Minds new guy, Damon Gupton, who plays Stephen Walker had some cryptic statements for TV guide, that may or may not have to do with Spencer Reid or the Thomas Gibson situation, but it seems fans will get a big surprise in the last half of Season 12.

“There are some twists and turns. There are some things you wouldn’t expect from a particular team member. Not me. Possibly somebody else.”

Is Criminal Minds’ Matthew Gray Gubler missing Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, and Shemar Moore?

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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