How Criminal Minds Fans Really Feel About Reid And JJ's Relationship – Looper

Over on Reddit, user Coolsbeans kicked off a discussion about JJ’s confession by starting a thread about that fateful episode. They wrote, “JJ is definitely the mom friend and when you show her being all maternal to reid for 13 seasons you cant suddenly change the dynamic. It’s absolutely out of character for her to make that confession…”

Quite a few other commenters also had a major issue with this sudden change in Reid and JJ’s dynamic. User Dalance10 wrote, “Totally agree! They ARE great friends, almost as siblings such as Morgan and Reid etc. Obv they liked each other in the earlier season but [then] she started going out with Will and then had Kids and got married […] It was so out of the blue, it made no sense […]”

Even self-identified Reid stan ReidsMyFavorite found fault with this particular storyline. They said, “I have to agree that it came out of nowhere…There was much more of a sibling vibe than ‘secret lovers.’ Plus… Reid is the godfather to Will and JJ’s children. It’s just … wrong on so many levels.” They also made an important point that several other fans also argued: “Reid had a MILD crush on JJ back in S1, but the writers didn’t pursue it […]”

For many, the issue wasn’t so much the idea of JJ and Reid getting together, but rather, that if it was going to happen, that ship had sailed a long time ago.

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