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Reid could sure use a helping hand now that he’s been arrested on suspicion of murder. Luckily, Prentiss is extending one.

In our exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s Criminal Minds, Prentiss (Emily Prentiss) wants to hook Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) up with her old friend, prominent defense attorney Fiona Duncan (Jeananne Goossen), since his rogue Mexico trip rendered him ineligible for the FBI’s legal assistance.

“Emily, I really appreciate it, but helping me could destroy your reputation in the bureau,” Reid says.

Because she’s the world’s greatest boss, Prentiss tells him: “My battle, my choice. Please let me help you.”

Criminal Minds boss on Reid’s “heartbreaking” predicament

Spoiler alert! He does. Showrunner Erica Messertold TVGuide.com that Goossen will be around for “number of episodes” trying to get Reid out of this pickle.

“The big question in [Wednesday’s] episode is, will he plead guilty or not guilty, and what would that mean?” Messer said. “How could he plead guilty to something he has no clear memory of? His moral code says he never would’ve done that. And his FBI agent side is like, don’t admit to something you didn’t do. And yet if he does that, he’ll get a lighter sentence and all that stuff. Do you make that deal with the devil? Or do you take your chances on being proven innocent?”

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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