Exclusive Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: Alvez Drops One Helluva Bombshell on Shaw – TV Guide (blog)

Remember when we said Reid was not messing around when he called out Shaw a couple weeks ago? Yeah, well, the BAU is here to go in for the kill.

Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) pays Shaw (Harold Perrineau) a visit on Wednesday’s episode of Criminal Minds to let the former agent know that the bureau’s onto his little contraband game behind bars that Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) refused to comply with.

Shaw, the BMOC that he is, ain’t scared. “You know we’re 8,000 strong, not just inside these walls, but all over,” he tells Alvez in our exclusive sneak peek.

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“The bureau is 80,000 strong,” Alvez replies. “Now you betrayed us, but it always comes back.”

The pissing contest continues until Alvez finally plays his trump card: Shaw is going to be transferred to another prison in Michigan — and what, or more specifically who, is awaiting him there is enough to get Shaw shaking in his baby blue jumpsuit.

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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