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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is making two stops around the world on Wednesday in back-to-back episodes — and we’ve got your first look at both.

In the first hour, starting at 9/8c, Jack (Gary Sinise) & Co. head to Tokyo following a series of homicides masked as suicides before jetting to Paris in the second episode to catch an unsub who’s targeting American women in foreign cities.

“They’re two very different cases with very different obstacles in the way,” Sinise tells TVGuide.com. “That’s what I love about the show. Every episode presents a different set of challenges for the team in dealing with different cultures. We’d be in one part of the world one week and then a totally different part the next week, and you’ve got different law enforcement you have to deal with.”

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Case in point: In the Tokyo hour, as seen in the exclusive sneak peek above, Jack – and only him – receives special clearance to carry a firearm. “Jack is the rare exception because of his international reputation,” Monty (Tyler James Williams) says in the clip. “Now this is considered a high honor because guns have been outlawed in Japan since 1971.”

“It’s rules and bureaucratic things of that nature that you don’t really think about when you’re [solving crimes] stateside or in a place familiar with your regulations,” Sinise says. “The writers have a lot to work with besides solving the crime, and when it’s combined with the crime, it’s really fascinating to see how they navigate it all.”

Check out the sneak peek below to see what challenges are ahead for the IRT in Paris.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders‘ back-to-back episodes airWednesday starting at 9/8c on CBS.

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