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With the election quickly approaching , it’s important to understand the election crime laws in Maryland. Breaking some of these laws can not only leave you with a fine but also take away your chance to vote.

There are four main laws that can get you in some trouble:

1. Defacing or removing records

2. Destruction or tampering of any voting equipment

3.  Removal of supplies from the polling booth

4.  Tampering in any way with electronic voting systems.

And because folks have already started early voting 47 ABC spoke with criminal lawyer Randolph Rice about these laws in depth.

“Believe it or not it is actually a crime to bet on elections in Maryland,” explained Rice. “The penalty ranges from $50 to $500 max but the interesting part of that crime is your winnings, they all go to the county as to which you’ve placed that bet in.”

Rice tells 47 ABC that in some cases these infractions can become felonies or even include a sentence of up to thirty days. Additionally, Rice suggests folks to leave their phones in the car when they go in to vote. Usage of cell phones is not permitted on voting grounds.

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