Defense attorney explains why authorities can't force Brian Laundrie to speak – Fox 4

NORTH PORT, Fla. — So many people posting on social media about losing Gabby. It’s easy to see that she is loved by so many. As people try to piece together what happened, many questions linger. Many believe Brian Laundrie could answer the questions, but no one has heard from him for more than a week. Even before that, authorities were only able to reach him through his attorney.

A local attorney said Brian speaking only through his attorney makes legal sense.

“An attorney’s responsibility is to protect his client. Not to protect the public, not to inform the public, nor to protect the media or to inform them,” Robert Foley, criminal defense attorney, said.

The question remains what exactly happened to Gabby Petito. A question so many believe Laundrie could answer following their cross-country travels together.

Foley said he understands the need for more information and said if he counseled Laundrie, he’s release more detailed statements.

“There is no harm and advising the public that. You know everyone feels for the loss and they’re absolutely interested in getting to the truth,” Foley said.

Foley said the truth in many cases requires more information and more evidence. Foley knows that very well, even outside the courtroom. He spent 20 years as an FBI Special Agent, which is why he tells Fox 4 he understands the push for more answers from Brian Laundrie.

“In the absence of information, what you’re stuck with is casting a wider net using more resources spending more time, so information is key,” he said. “The FBI is very competent at arriving at investigative conclusions, but the speed with which they would arrive at them with more information would be tantamount.”

Foley said he trusts law enforcement to get the answers to questions so many have and ultimately get justice for Gabby Petito.

It’s important to note Laundrie is still considered a person of interest. Law enforcement said Wednesday they’re determined to find him.

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