Dangerous Noir! CICERO’S DEAD by Patrick H. Moore Is FREE! March 21 — March 23

It’s once again time for Cicero’s Dead, Patrick H. Moore’s award-winning crime novel to be given away free (for 3 days — March 21 to March 23) to the deserving American (and international) readership. Enjoy!


Many thanks to my courageous publisher and editor, Max Myers, and my spiritual advisor, Chaplain Michael D. Sellers (try getting a cliche past this guy :-).

And a special thanks to everyone else who has helped with All Things Crime Blog and Cicero’s Dead including (but not limited to) Darcia Helle, Peter Prasad, John Nardizzi, Max Myers and my latest discovery, Suzanne Jenkins (great fiction writers I’ve been privileged to read); Lise LaSalle, BJW Nashe, Darcia Helle and the late Starks Shrink (fantastic past contributors to ATCB), and John W. Taylor, Bob Couttie and Jared Keever (esteemed past and current contributors).

I also want to thank everyone who has posted a review of Cicero’s Dead on either Amazon or Goodreads. The modicum of success we’ve enjoyed would not have been possible without your reviews.

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