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    Spencer Reid can, in fact, read 20,000 words per minute, he’s an autodidact (meaning he can teach himself any subject without ever needing the guidance of an expert), and he has an eidetic memory (most commonly known as a photographic memory).

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    The iconic Jane Lynch plays Spencer’s mom Diana throughout the entire series.

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    Spencer was only 12 when he graduated high school and throughout the series he talked about how much he was bullied because he was so young compared to the rest of the kids.

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    Spencer was only 22 when he first started working at the BAU. In Season 4, Episode 7, there’s an newspaper article that stated Spencer’s age when he joined the FBI and that his first case was the Blue Ridge Strangler.

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    In the earlier seasons, Reid and Gideon would play chess while they rode the jet to and from cases. After Gideon died, Rossi stepped in and finished playing the game that Gideon never finished.

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    In the series’ first episode we learned that Reid’s IQ is a whopping 187.

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    During Season 4, Episode 7, Spencer mentioned he went to Caltech at 14 years old and that Yale was his “safety.”

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    Reid has PhDs in mathematics, chemistry, and engineering. He also has BAs in psychology, sociology, and is in the process of getting one in philosophy.

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    Cat was a convicted psychopath and proxy killer who was totally obsessed with Spencer throughout the series. During the later seasons, we found out that she had a vendetta against Reid and tried to ruin his life, including kidnapping his mom, pretending he got her pregnant, and drugging him.

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    In Season 12, Spencer was arrested for the murder of Nadie Ramos. Later on, we found out that Cat assigned someone else to commit the murder, frame Spencer, and drug him — which was why he couldn’t remember what happened.

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