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The last episode of Criminal Minds found Reid adjusting to life in prison. For whatever reason, the guard put Reid in general population even though he is supposed to be in protective custody. Reid does manage to form an alliance with an inmate named Calvin Shaw, a former FBI agent who killed an informant.

While the team grapples with getting to be able to see their friend, they have a case involving acid attacks. Unsuspecting victims were attacked with acid and the only connection they appeared to have was having the same routine every week. The first two victims were at singles nights events, which could be how the unsub is choosing victims.

Coming across a website that focuses on male culture and putting down women and relationships, the team is taken closer to figuring out who their unsub is before he can hurt anyone else.

Time will tell how things play out for Reid. Before the next episode airs, catch up on what you missed on “Alpha Male.”

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