Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: Is This Ghost-Loving Blogger Our Unsub? – TV Guide

It’s a rare thing to see on Criminal Minds, but it looks like Wednesday’s new episode will feature a female unsub! And she loves to stab people.

TV Guide’s exclusive sneak peek of “Sick and Evil” features Courtney Mapley, a local blogger and “lore expert” in Lewiston, Maine, where the BAU’s latest case is taking place. People are being murdered in allegedly haunted houses by repeatedly being stabbed in the stomach. Courtney shows up at the BAU’s first crime scene to introduce herself and she’s just a little too enthusiastic that a violent crime has taken place in one of the town’s haunted houses.

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In another clip released by CBS below, the team announces that they are looking for a female unsub — female serial killers are rare — and that she is probably local and has extensive knowledge of the city’s lore. Um, hello? Apparently the killer is delusional and is trying to save the people living in the haunted houses by stabbing them 22 times in the stomach. That is so many times.

Is Courtney our unsub, inserting herself into the investigation as so many of our previous killers have done? Or is she just the team’s key to finding the real unsub?

Find out when Criminal Minds airs Wednesday at 10/9c on CBS.

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