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It has truly been a long journey, but Criminal Minds is finally coming to an end. CBS has already confirmed that Season 15 will be the last one for the police procedural crime drama and it is going to be much shorter than its predecessors. So is it possible that the network could be planning to make the most out of the last 10 episodes? There are speculations that the final season will premiere in early 2020 and could be split into two parts.

Back in January, fans were understandably dismayed when CBS announced that Criminal Minds Season 15 would be the last one for the long-running series. In addition to that, the final season will be drastically shortened to only 10 episodes, which means that the show could rush into tying up every character’s story arc. But will people have to wait until next year to find out how everything works out for their beloved characters?

Although CBS renewed Criminal Minds back in January, the network has yet to give Season 15 an official air date. This has led to speculations that the final season could get pushed back to a 2020 premiere. This way, the series would still end by spring. Unfortunately, this would mean people would have to wait until January or February next year for the last season.

A later premiere might seem like a long wait, but fans are still hoping that Criminal Minds Season 15 will air later this year. After all, the cast and crew have reportedly already wrapped filming the final season so the last 10 episodes could be ready by September or October. It’s a hopeful idea, and there is a possibility that CBS will announce the show’s air date in the next few months.

But what are the chances that Criminal Minds Season 15 will be split into two parts? There have been speculations that the first five episodes will air in late 2019 while the remaining five could premiere in early 2020. It’s an unusual thought that could ruin the final season’s momentum. For now, it is best to take this idea with a grain of salt.

The final season could bring back some villains from the past and explore the possible relationship between Jennifer ‘JJ’ Jareau and Dr. Spencer Reid. Additionally, one member of the BAU could provide fans with a major shocker.

Criminal Minds Season 15 does not have an official air date. Keep checking this page for more updates on the final season.

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