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Ritualistic murders are the MO on this week’s Criminal Minds, and it seems as if a church is in the center of it. As seen in TV Guide’s exclusive clip of Wednesday’s new episode “Innocence,” Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Lewis (Aisha Tyler) are looking for answers about their latest victim at a church. Let’s just say the pastor doesn’t come off as the “God is love” type.

The victim was reportedly last seen at the church, but the church is denying she was there, saying that she stopped coming a month ago. Things get even more aggressive when the pastor alleges she “gave up God’s protection” when she decided to stop coming to church. Whoa, bro! Seriously?

It’s clear that Reid and Lewis think there’s something up with the church and their weirdly aggressive attitude. But being a bit extra and participating in ritualistic murders are two separate things. Nevertheless, this guy is at the top of our suspect list.

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Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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