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Criminal MindsCriminal Minds season 14 episode 12 is coming up on CBS tomorrow night and judging from the latest sneak peek, the BAU is facing one of their stranger cases yet.

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If you’ve seen much of the promotional material that is out there for this episode, then there’s a reasonably good chance you know about the Pied Piper themes that are present in “Hamelin.” This is a story about someone who is luring children out into a park and capturing them. Judging from the sneak peek (we have that for you below), the thought is that many of these kids are in somewhat of a zombified state at the time in which they are drawn out. However, some new evidence suggests something to the contrary — that, at least on some level, these kids are capable of some element of thought when they are being drawn out. One of them was able to take down a barrier that was designed for them to avoid going outside. Because of that, the new theory is that there has to be some sort of connection between the UnSub and some of their young victims.

So how should we describe a lot of what is going on here? In a word, it’s creepy — and this is one of the more interesting mysteries that we’ve seen this show bring us this season. After all, there had to be some sort of tangible reason why these kids would head outside of their homes and there is no evidence that the UnSub is breaking in. Expect this case to offer up some answers, and then at the same time something a little more personal.

Based on the information that is out there, this Criminal Minds will feature an appearance by JJ’s mother, which gives us another great chance to explore some of her life outside of the job. It is keeping with the theme of this season and that is something that we certainly appreciate — it makes all of these stories stand out a little bit more and we wish that this is something that was more present throughout the entirety of the show’s run because we have been immensely enjoying this season.

Of course, be sure to come back tomorrow night for the full CarterMatt verdict on episode 12, as well as a first look at some of what is coming your way on episode 13. Following Wednesday’s episode, there are still three episodes coming this season!

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