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Minds season 13 writersThe Criminal Minds season 13 writers room is now open, and what that means is a cause for excitement: The road to the premiere has started!

The writers getting back together is one of the first official steps in the planning process moving into the new season, which is going to premiere later this fall! The picture below is actually pretty comical and birthday-related, but there are some serious times ahead as these people have the challenge of creating new UnSubs, and charting out the story that is going to run for a good part of the season (if not all of it).

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This season, the writers have an even bigger challenge given that they still don’t have much in the way of knowledge as to whether or not they will be getting to work with AJ Cook or Kirsten Vangsness moving forward. Their contracts still aren’t signed — while we’ve advocated for them to be paid what they’ve earned for being longtime cast members (pay parity with the men), there’s no word on if that will happen. There are a few more weeks before things have to be signed on the dotted line, but if it doesn’t happen, the show is going to have a real pickle on their hands trying to rearrange stories. This group of writers may already be feeling rather exhausted given all the edits that had to be made after Thomas Gibson’s abrupt exit following the start of the season.

As for what sort of stories the team should be coming up with, it all depends on what they want the format to be. We do think that there is something interesting that could come out of continuing the trend of giving characters longer arcs; not everyone may have loved the experiment with Spencer Reid, but from our vantage point the central problem there more than anything was that the prison storyline isolated from everyone else on the show. If you could find a way to let the character at the center of the story roam around a little bit more, you could have a different result.

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What do you want to see from the Criminal Minds writers in terms of season 13 story? be sure to share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you do want some other news regarding the series! More updates will be posted when available. (Photo: TNT.)

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