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Season 12 of the American police procedural drama TV series “Criminal Minds” will premiere on CBS on September 28 and this early, fans of the hit show can hardly wait for its airing.

Apart from the huge cliffhanger left by the showrunner and writers during the Season 11 finale, viewers would like to have another serving of excitement, action, and great storytelling that “Criminal Minds” have been known for in its past 11 seasons.

In a recent interview, actor Thomas Gibson, who plays Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) chief Aaron ‘Hotch” Hotchner in “Criminal Minds,” says that the reason why fans and viewers keep raving about the show is because of its compelling stories.

Gibson attributes the main success formula of the TV series to its great writers, whom he explained as the ones responsible for coming up with intricate storylines for “Criminal Minds” every week for the last 255 episodes already.

He said that the writers have really made the show very interesting. In addition, Gibson said that profiling the criminal instead of focusing on their respective crimes makes “Criminal Minds” really unique, details Movie News Guide.

Doing unspeakable things

Gibson explained that “Criminal Minds” focuses on what happened in a bad person’s life to make them capable of doing the unspeakable things or crimes to other people.

He said that it is what compels criminals to do the crime, which really makes the TV series very interesting to watch on the small screen.

As for his favorite episodes, the actor said that those are the ones which were not the tricky cases but the ones where his Hotch character experienced heightened emotions, He cited, in particular, an episode in Season 5 where he lost his ex-wife, details the Vine Report.

He explained that he really enjoyed the episode because it offered him an acting challenge. He added that because of that particular episode, Hotch has moved in interesting ways in the show including possessing the kind of craziness that subsequently created a nice dynamic among the other characters in “Criminal Minds.”

New dynamics in the upcoming season

Gibson also said that Hotch will have to deal with a new dynamics in the upcoming Season 12 as he and the BAU team will have to contend with the departure of Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore.

Reports have it that it will not just be Hotch who shall feel the downside of Morgan’s recent departure. Morgan’s best friend Dr. Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Gray Gubler, will also be devastated and may find it difficult to work initially with the task force in the absence of his good friend.

Reid shall be missing Morgan and it would really be a struggle for him to accept Adam Rodriguez as his new teammate. Adam Rodriguez has been confirmed to take on a role in Season 12 of “Criminal Minds” that will be an addition to the BAU as a replacement for Moore.

Showrunner Erica Messer confirmed that “Criminal Minds” Season 12 shall deal with the aspect of friendship and focus on Dr. Reid’s struggle in accepting that Morgan is no longer part of the team.

Criminal Minds Season 11

Incidentally, the latest teaser for the show came from actress Paget Brewster who posted on her social media account on June 22 a pair of boots and an Interpol ID and captioned it by saying that in our darkest hour, there can be light.

While the post of the actress was merely a tease and does not have specific details, many fans and critics of “Criminal Minds” have immediately deduced that Paget Brewster has officially hinted the return of her character Emily Prentiss in the TV series.

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