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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 Spoilers & Update: Reid Unhappy With Morgan’s Replacement?

“Criminal Minds” Season 12 is set to have new entrant, Adam Rodriguez who will replace Derek Morgan played by Shemar Moore in the previous seasons of the series. However, it is not going to be easy for the BAU team to accept the departure. Dr. Spencer Reid especially will be missing Morgan and it would be a struggle for him to accept Rodriguez as his new teammate.

According to the latest brief on “Criminal Minds” Season 12, Dr. Reid will struggle to accept that Derek Morgan has left the Behavioral Analysis Unit of FBI, reports Fashion & Style. Morgan made the decision to leave the BAU team in the previous season’s last episode after he escaped from the deadly kidnapper. Morgan left the team because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

Reid To Miss Morgan

It is not easy to forget your teammate of long years. According to Erica Messer, the “Criminal Minds” Season 12 will deal with this aspect of friendship and will focus on Dr. Reid’s struggle in accepting that Morgan is no more a part of the team.

The executive producer stated that you do not get over a best friend at work in a day. Erica hinted that the series is going to tap this particular angle in the first few episodes of the upcoming installment. Moreover, it would be interesting to watch how Rodriguez tries to befriend his new teammates and the way he wins the heart of Reid.

What Makes The Show So Special?

“Criminal Minds” has completed 255 episodes and is now heading towards season 12. What makes the season so special that viewers cannot just stop raving about it? According to Thomas Gibson, who portrays the character of unit chief Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner, the writers should be credited for it.

Gibson stated that the way writers come up with compelling stories and relate it to the viewers and the way each storyline handles the intricacies of every week’s episode makes the show so much interesting, notes Vine Report. According to the actor, profiling the criminal instead of focusing on their respective crimes makes the series unique.

Will Dr. Reid accept Adam Rodriguez as his teammate in “Criminal Minds” Season 12? How will the new entrant befriend his new teammates?


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