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(CBS)(L-R) Hotch (Thomas Gibson), Morgan (Shemar Moore), Reid (Matthew Ray Gubler) and Rossi (Joe Mantegna)

Star Thomas Gibson dishes on what he believes makes CBS’ crime-drama “Criminal Minds” a successful series as it moves forward to its season 12 run.

Talking to The National, the actor who portrays unit chief Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner lauded the writers’ way of telling compelling stories to the viewers and how each storyline handles the intricacies of the week’s new antihero. Profiling the criminal than their respective crimes becomes the series’ unique aspect.

“‘Criminal Minds’ looks at what happened in a bad person’s life to make them capable of doing unspeakable things to other people. I think the question of why they are compelled to do them — when it doesn’t occur to most other people — is really interesting,” he mused.

When asked which among the 255 episodes is his favorite, the star shared that the memorable ones were not when they solve tricky cases but rather, when his character experiences heightened emotions. Specifically, he referred to his arc back in season 5 where Hotch loses his ex-wife.

“I enjoyed the big feast of an acting challenge that it presented. And as a result of that, Hotch has moved in interesting ways: there’s a ­craziness to him now, he feels like if he has more will to do the job in a more focused way that it will fix him and result in greater success for the team. It’s created a nice ­dynamic,” he continued.

In terms of shifting dynamics, Gibson admitted that it is difficult to say goodbye to his colleagues. During the season 11 finale, Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) exited the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, but Gibson added that the cliffhanger ending will give the upcoming next installment a new energy and immediacy.

Moreover, Hotch will not be the only one feeling the downside of Morgan’s recent departure. Morgan’s best friend Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) will also be devastated and may find it difficult to work with the task force in his absence.

Executive producer Erica Messer teased what the character is currently going through, “You don’t just get over losing your best friend at work. That is something that changes your day,” she said. But with Morgan only a call away, viewers may expect that Reid will pick up the phone and connect with him again.

Season 12 of “Criminal Minds” is slated to air on Sept. 28.

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