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  • “Criminal Minds” Season 12 returns with a case involving the deaths of 12 bodies found along a creek bed. Joining the team is new member Stephen Walker who is a seasoned FBI profiler.
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After a one-week hiatus, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of “Criminal Minds” Season 12 will head to Washington on its next episode airing on December 7 on CBS. The team will will welcome new member Stephen Walker (Damon Gupton) in investigating the death of twelve people.

According to the official synopsis of the “Criminal Minds” Season 12 episode titled “Scarecrow”, the BAU team will travel to Yakima, Washington to look into the case of a dozen bodies discovered along a creek bed. Meanwhile, new team member Walker is said to be a recognized man in his field with many years of experience working for the Behavioral Analysis Program of the FBI.

CBS has recently released a photo of Gupton as the newest member to join the BAU. Reports say that he will play a major role in the investigation of his first case in “Criminal Minds” Season 12. The circumstances surrounding his inclusion in the team, however, remains unclear at this point.

It is speculated by many that he was recruited to the BAU since “Criminal Minds” Season 12 had an open spot to fill in its cast due to the untimely departure of Thomas Gibson. Having played Hotch, the leader of the team and star of the show, Gibson would have surely commanded a big salary. With his exit, more new characters could be brought in to make for a more ensemble casting.

In the episode of “Criminal Minds” before its break, it was finally revealed how Gibson’s character was finally being written off from the show. Rossi (Joe Mantegna) told the team that Mr. Scratch, one of the show’s villains, was seen at Hotch’s son Jack’s school and in one of his soccer games. Hotch ordered a 24/7 surveillance on his son but still, he felt that it was not enough. He decided to resign from the FBI and enter the witness protection program in order o keep his family safe.

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