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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 Spoilers: Derek Morgan’s Replacement In BAU Team Is Already In Place?

The BAU team lost one of its key members in the finale episode of the recently concluded season. But, it now appears that Criminal Minds Season 12 will have a new member as a replacement for Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore).

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Criminal Minds Season 12. If you do not want to know in advance, please skip this. Otherwise, read on.

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Erica Messer, the executive producer of Criminal Minds, was recently interviewed by TV Guide. When asked if there was any update with respect to the replacement of Derek Morgan, the EP shared that they were on the lookout for a new actor to join the cast.

Messer said that they may have a discussion this month about what they would do. Moreover, they did not want the cast size to decrease. She also added that there is a need for more people in the field.

The Executive Producer said, “Given that we have to go out and catch unsubs of the week and these serial killers out there, it feels like we can’t be an agent down this year. We have to be full-steam ahead.”

However, she is yet to be definite about who that person is.

Criminal Minds Season 11 had concluded with a surprising cliffhanger when the dinner party at Rossi’s (Joe Mantegna) got disrupted. The team got to know that there have been three other prison breaks.

Peter Lewis happened to be one of the 12 prisoners who have become fugitives. It is now the responsibility of the BAU team to find them out and lock them up before they are likely to cause more trouble.

According to International Business Times, it was an extremely nostalgic experience for Messer to cast the remaining 12 prisoners. Casting for rest of the convicts is still being done.

But Messer did admit that there were many choices available before them. And currently, none of the actors’ agents would commit their availability to them. The EP said, “We do know that we want Mr Scratch to be part of Season 12 in some capacity, or at least the idea of Mr Scratch being out there.”

The official premiere date for Criminal Minds Season 12 is yet to be revealed.


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