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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 Spoilers: BAU To Catch Mr. Scratch, 12 Absconding Serial Killers in First Few Episodes?

“Criminal Minds” Season 12 will be having a whole new avatar as it returns on CBS. Now that Adam Rodriquez has replaced veteran actor Shemar Moore it will be interesting to see whether he is successful in filling the void created by the absence of the great actor. Moreover, the upcoming season is also expected to focus more on BAU’s efforts to catch Mr. Scratch and the 12 absconding killers.

“Criminal Minds” Season 12 is expected to unfold several new changes. According to Erica Messer, the work on the season 12 has already started, and the writers will start writing on the story this month reports International Business Times. The executive producer and showrunner added the series would begin in the second half of 2016. She stated that everyone is eager to see how BAU catches all the bad guys and Mr. Scratch once again.

Mr. Scratch To Create Trouble For BAU

Messer hinted that the “Criminal Minds” Season 12 would have Mr. Scratch playing a pivotal role. Bodhi Elfman plays the role of Peter Lewis, who is a hacker, stalker, and serial killer reports Hofmag. He made his first appearance in the Season 10 of the series and season 12 escaped with 12 other serial killers. Until now, his whereabouts are still unknown.

The previous seasons showed that Mr. Scratch is one of the most notorious and wanted criminals of the Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU). He once manipulated Hotch (Thomas Gibson) and psychologically made him believe that Mr.Scratch murdered Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Morgan (Moore) and Rossie (Joe Mantegna).

Later on, it was revealed that all of them were still alive, and Mr. Scratch managed to make Hotch think like that by putting the latter into a trance. Mr. Scratch also tries to make Hotch shoot Rossi and Reid afterwards. Just when Hotch is about to kill them, he comes out of the trance and aims the shot at Scratch.

CBS is yet to announce the date for “Criminal Minds” Season 12 premiere episode.


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