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(CBS)The team tries to decode a letter in “Criminal Minds.”

The FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) headed by Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) will return on multiple missions in “Criminal Minds” season 12. These missions will involve a dangerous manhunt of 12 criminals amid investigations on three recent jail breaks. There are also chances of a crossover between the original “Criminal Minds” show and its spinoff “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” the latter being led by Jack Garrett (Gary Sinise).

Season 12 of police procedural crime thriller “Criminal Minds” will witness the team of Federal agents tracking several escaped known criminals and putting them back behind bars. This will be different from their usual search for “unsubs,” the team’s jargon for “unknown subjects” or yet unidentified suspects.

In the upcoming season, the BAU will make use of their profiling to trace subjects whom they have already dealt with and to outdo them in the next move the criminals will likely make or the next hideout they will probably occupy. However, other new unlawful will still be introduced.

According to TV Guide, “Criminal Minds” season 12 will have a “serialized” setup of storytelling as they chase after and take down these infamous villains from the past.

The production team behind “Criminal Minds” is reportedly in the process of picking the most notorious of criminals from the previous 11 seasons and has yet to complete the list of bad guys to be invited back in the show and be hunted down all over again.

Apart from this exciting twist that will bring back the law’s most wicked nemeses, there is also the likelihood of the team of globe-trotting Federal agents from “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” to drop by the original “Criminal Minds” environment. Carter Matt¬†wrote about this possible crossover between the two entirely tangled worlds of these “Criminal Minds” installments. Moreover, fans will be thrilled to see Hotch’s and Garrett’s teams on the same screen while working together to get the bad guys.

This touted crossover will likely take place since “Criminal Minds” season 12 will be dealing with prison escapees who might disperse and disappear into many different locations, not excluding the outside of U.S. territories.

Avid fans will see more of these manhunt action and mind games between Federal authorities and criminals when “Criminal Minds” returns to TV later this year on CBS.

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