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Criminal Minds Season 12 Is Almost Here

Criminal Minds Season 12 Is Almost Here
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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders New Season will be one for the books. The CBS TV series will parade multiple award winning actors as their guests but some of them might stay for good.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Actress Will Appear In One Episode

Charisma Lee Carpenter better known as Cordelia Chase in the massive TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer will participate in one of the episodes in Criminal Minds Season 12. Carpenter is already a veteran when it comes to acting and TV series is her bread and butter. She will be part of the episode titled “The Lying Game”. The ageless actress was so excited to be added as a guests in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. That is evident when she posted on her Instagram that the rumors are actually true.

More Notable Actors Added In Criminal Minds Season 12

If you think Charisma Carpenter is the only big star to be called upon to make a cameo appearance on the TV series, you have to think again. As noted and confirmed by the producers, they will provide variety of twist that will include multiple actors. Jim Beaver or Bobby Singer in Supernatural TV series will make its presence felt. We have Kim Rhodes, Osric Chau, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight Jr and Rob Benedict included on the star studded guest list. We are not sure yet if all of them will appear on one episode or their going to do it by segment.

Last Season And How It Ended

The show received positive feedback from critique and fans a like. The season finale which lasted for 2 hours focused on a missing four year old girl named Abby Wagner in the beautiful island of Haiti. The IRT tried multiple ways to resolve the case as soon as possible but it didn’t work. Not until Jack Garrett used a mind trick on Abby’s father and found that Sara or Seraphina is the suspect of the on-going saga. Sara lost her daughter and family due to a plague and natural calamities. She was hoping in bringing back her daughter by sacrificing Abby.

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