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Criminal Minds Season 12: Shemar Moore’s Return A Big Possibility!

Criminal Minds Season 12 is expected to deliver exceptional scenes. It would be exciting to see how the hunting of 12 murderers will continue in the upcoming season. The finale episode of Season 11 actually hints that the next one would apply a serialized approach, something they have not done before.

In line with the big overhaul, it was reported that CBS is having a problem with regard to production. It is reportedly the reason why Shemar Moore abandoned the cast. Moore, who played Morgan, quit the series after 11 years.

It is safe to say he is the fan-favorite on the show. A fan even tweeted, “For 11 years Shemar Moore killed it in Criminal Minds. Gonna be weird not seeing him in Season 12.”

Speaking with TV Guide, Shemar Moore clarified that it was his decision to leave. He did so because he wants to see the next chapter of his acting career. That makes sense, 11 years is such a long time!

Still, he is proud of how things concluded for his character Derek Morgan. He sees his acting career like school. He compared Criminal Minds to college, saying that he is ready for grad school.

What is in store for Moore after his decade-long stint on Criminal Minds? He just completed filming for The Bounce Back and he also voiced Cyborg in Justice League vs. Teen Titans.

The door is always open for Shemar Moore. Morgan could return. Just last month, he visited the set of Criminal Minds Season 12 and surprised the crew with Fortis watches. Each watch comes with his initials and “Always on Time,” which is a clear nod because he was not always on time.

Criminal Minds Season 12 will premiere on Sept. 28 at 9 p.m. via CBS.

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