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The 12th season of the American police procedural drama TV series “Criminal Minds” now has an official release date on CBS and it is going to happen on September 28.

There have been plenty of rumors and speculations regarding the possible plotlines and new characters for the popular TV series especially in light of the cliffhanger Season 11 finale shown on May 4.

The latest teaser for the show came from actress Paget Brewster who posted on her Twitter account on June 22 a pair of boots and an Interpol ID and captioned it by saying that in our darkest hour, there can be light.

While the post of the actress was merely a tease and does not have specific details, many fans and critics of “Criminal Minds” have immediately deduced that Paget Brewster has officially hinted the return of her character Emily Prentiss in the TV series, notes the Hall of Fame Magazine.

Many believe that the actress is making an indirect allusion that her character shall be returning as a member of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) in light of the departure of Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore, after the 16th episode of Season 11 of “Criminal Minds.”

Confirming Prentiss’ return?

Fans of the TV series know that Brewster’s character left the BAU team and moved to work in London. The boots and the Interpol ID are the trademark outfit of Prentiss during her stint with the BAU.

It seems very likely that Paget Brewster is saying it like it is because actress Kirsten Vangsness, who plays series regular Penelope Garcia in “Criminal Minds,’ even retweeted the former’s post.

Based also on the comments of fans and Twitter followers, it seems clear that Emily Prentiss shall return to rejoin the BAU profilers.

It is not a far-fetched idea because “Criminal Minds” is one show that does not kill off its regular characters but simply allows them to move on from the show but keeps the window open in the event that they decide to come back. That has been the case with many other characters including Jason Gideon, played by Mandy Patinkin, Jennifer Jareau or JJ, played by AJ Cook, back in Season 6 and then Shemar Moore last season.

Hopeful of a comeback

It would be interesting to find out if Shemar Moore will come back again before the TV series finally wraps up.

Showrunner Erica Messer confirmed that they are still hopeful of bringing back Shemar Moore to reprise his fan-favorite character Shemar Moore in future episodes of Season 12 of “Criminal Minds,” reports the International Business Times of UK.

Messer also revealed that the departure of Derek Morgan would have a telling effect on Dr. Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Gray Gubler, because the latter is his best friend in the team.

The showrunner’s statement about hoping for Moore’s return has sparked rumors of the comeback of Derek Morgan in some form. But it could be a tease ahead of the premiere of Season 12 of “Criminal Minds” in September.

The upcoming twelfth season of “Criminal Minds” on CBS will pick up from the huge Season 11 cliffhanger.

With a number of previously apprehended criminals breaking out of jail, the hands of the BAU team of the FBI will be full right on the get-go of Season 12. So it is expected that “Criminal Minds” would have another slam-bang premiere episode later this year.

The Season 11 finale saw a calm dinner that turned into a violent one when the place of Rossi, played by Joe Mantegna, had been cut while three inmates bolted from the cell. As a result, Peter Lewis was able to escape along with a dozen of certified killers.

In addition, reports are getting loud that a new cast member will come into “Criminal Minds” Season 12 to replace Agent Derek Morgan.

Criminal Minds Season 11

Moore has decided to leave the TV series after the 16th episode of Season 11 because of personal reasons so his character was written off in the show.

Eria Messer confirmed that she and the production team are indeed looking for a new actor who will take on the position in BAU vacated by Derek Morgan. She said that they already have a shortlist of possible actors which they would be sifting through this month.

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